Body composition is a method of describing what the body is made of, including fat, proteins, minerals and body water. It is a more accurate method used to describe weight compared to BMI. Knowing your body composition is vital in order to set your diet and fitness goals. Clients are encouraged to do a body composition analysis at least every 3 weeks, to ensure they are reaching their goals in a healthy and sustainable manner. 

Your results will provide you with your body's quantities of the following:

Body water

Your body fat, muscles, blood, and other bodily fluids all contain water.  Water makes up more than 50% of your body. This includes both water contained inside your body’s cells (intracellular water) and water outside your cells (extracellular water).



This shows the amount of protein contained in your body’s muscles.



These exist in the bloodstream and inside the bone tissue.



This includes:

  • Dry lean mass - the weight attributed to your body's protein and the bone mineral.

  • Lean body mass - the combination of your dry lean mass and body water.

  • Skeletal muscle mass - the muscles that are connected to your bones and allow for movement. These are the muscles that can be grown and developed through exercise (for example your biceps, triceps, quadriceps and others).

Looking for tips to achieve your ideal body composition? Here is a great article focused on body composition goals for women:

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