Sports nutrition

Sports nutrition is a vital component of athletic success. Being equipped with the correct nutritional plan assists athletes and active adults to perform at their best. 

Dietitians ensure that the athlete's goals are considered, along with their body composition, their lifestyle and their training schedule. Research has shown that the correct food type, energy intake, timing of specific nutrients, fluids, and supplementation are important and should be individualised. For example, a rugby player will have very different nutritional needs compared to a track athlete.  

One's meals also need to be adjusted for endurance, strength and competition days. It is important to know what to consume pre-, during-, and post-work out to ensure sufficient energy provision, to avoid discomfort during sporting events or training, and to re-fuel and recover when necessary. 

When looking at sports supplements, there are many factors one should take into account. Take a listen to this audio clip where Caylin Goodchild Dietitian shares a few tips on what to consider before purchasing a sports supplement:

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