Weight loss

Weight loss is achieved when your energy expenditure is greater than your energy intake. Your energy expenditure is calculated using your weight, height and age, as well as your level of physical activity. 

Dietitians can work this out for you and create an individualised meal plan to suit your needs. This meal plan is calculated to provide you with the correct distribution of macronutrients, namely carbohydrates, protein and fat.

It is important to do a nutritional assessment in order to evaluate your personal goals, and to get an idea of your current eating habits. This helps to ensure that your meal plan can be followed effectively and form part of a lifestyle change.

Dietitians offer follow-up consultations, whereby barriers regarding your diet are discussed, progress is evaluated and new goals are set. You are also equipped with skills to improve your eating choices, for example, how to read nutritional labels and ingredient lists. 

Want the basics to healthy eating? Read through the South African Food Based Dietary Guidelines: https://www.nestle.co.za/nhw/nutritionbasics/sa-food-based-dietary-guidline

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