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The Best Diet For You

If you are curious about starting a new diet, you need to read this. The diet that worked for your friend, your aunt or the influencer on Instagram is likely NOT for you. We call these Fad diets.

Fad diets are marketed as the best and fastest approach to losing weight, making them look very appealing, but often involve eliminating foods that contain necessary nutrients that your body needs. Often these diets aren’t well researched and are not scientific. Here is a look into five very popular Fad diets.

THE BLOOD TYPE DIET CLAIM: It has been encouraged for individuals to eat according to their blood type, namely A, B, AB and O. Some of these groups are advised to follow a more vegetarian-like diet, whilst others a diet higher in protein, or a mix. Certain foods are also discouraged, including wheat, corn, chicken, beef and lentils.

SCIENCE: There is no evidence that this diet works. It is also not validated by researchers or medical professionals. Certain food groups should not be eliminated due to one's blood type, but rather due to an allergy.

INTERMITTENT FASTING CLAIM: Intermittent fasting is often claimed to be superior to other weight loss methods and more maintainable.

SCIENCE: More high-quality human studies conducted over a longer period of time are still needed to prove these claims. Strong recommendations on this diet cannot be made yet.

BANTING CLAIM: Also known as the low-carb high-fat diet, banting has grown to become more and more popular. This diet cuts out grains and sugar, and includes very little fruit. It claims to aid in weight loss and diabetes.

SCIENCE: Due to exclusion of grains, one may lack essential nutrients, which can result in constipation and nutrient deficiencies. The diet gives carbohydrates a bad name, whereas the correct low GI carbohydrates in correct portions actually have benefits. Banting focuses on fat intake, which means increased animal fat intake. This is linked to heart disease and should not be encouraged. The long-term effects of banting are still unknown, therefore it is vital to be under medical supervision and to monitor cholesterol levels regularly.

THE KETOGENIC DIET CLAIM: It is thought that weight-loss and health benefits can can be achieved by consuming 75% of your energy intake through fat. Claimed benefits include improving blood sugar levels and assisting the treatment of conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

SCIENCE: There are no human studies that support using ketosis in treating these diseases. Also, only short-term studies have been conducted when looking at the effect on blood glucose and cholesterol. The diet is also unbalanced and is challenging to sustain.


See a dietitian! Dietitians take into account any medical conditions that you may have, your body composition, your lifestyle, your physical activity and your current diet. We set achievable goals with you and use maths and science to compile an individualised meal plan.

If you would like an individualised, trustworthy and maintainable diet then let's get started!

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